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Private Life is Picture Locked!

It’s a major milestone.  For five months, we have focused in the picture editing process on telling the story visually–from which scenes are in the movie and which are out, to shaping those scenes down to the blink of an actor’s eye.  It provides the backbone for the rest of the post-production process.  Now we set picture editing

aside and move on to everything else needed to polish and finish the film: shooting pickups, editing sound, creating an original score, visual effects, color grading.

Amy Adler has done an excellent job editing the film into something we are eager to share.  Check out her bio here on our website under the Crew tab.  It’s very exciting to see the film taking shape!

Private Life Is In The Can!

Eric (Kevin Joy) and Christopher (Joe Briggs)

We have wrapped production on Private Life!  It was 10 intense and demanding days to be sure, but with such a great cast and crew, it was really a fantastic experience.

Production took us through a number of locations, including a number of places in Angeles National Forest; Mountain View Cemetery in Altadena, CA; San Bernardino National Forest; a private house in Van Nuys, CA; a sound stage at USC; and we even built a bridge in the parking lot of the Robert Zemeckis Center at school (a location often touted within our USC circle for its ability to become just about anything for shoots with hazardous conditions).

With principle photography completed, Amy Adler steps up to the plate to begin editing the film.  Transcoding and syncing is finished and the very first cut is now beginning.  Editing will take us through December, with Picture Lock scheduled at the very end of the year.

DP Matt Edwards sets up the shot with Key Grip Robert Hanson and Boom Operator Charles Leisenring

1st AD Katie Wincor (peeking out from behind the camera) preparing for a take…

Actor Kevin Joy and Producer Billy Sullivan

Eric (Kevin Joy) and Christopher (Joe Briggs) preparing for a take by the campfire