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Our Indiegogo Campaign For Finishing Funds Has Begun!


We are so close to completing Private Life.  Visual effects, color correction and some final work on sound are all that remain.  Then we begin the process of turning it into DVDs, Blu-rays and other means of sharing the movie with film festivals, film markets and you!

But we need your help to get there!

Take a moment and stop by our Indiegogo page.  Watch the video we made just for the campaign.  Then take a look at our thank-you perks and help us bring this story to the big screen!

Thank you!

Vimeo and Facebook

Along with setting up our new website, crafting a stylish newsletter for our followers and of course creating a Facebook page for folks to like us, we’ve also created a dedicated Vimeo channel for all of the exciting videos that we will be creating and posting throughout our production. Throughout production our director Greg and other members of our crew will be shooting behind the scenes video so that we can share with the world what an amazing journey creating this film will be.  We will have footage available from scouting, test shoots, and more available over the coming months.  Make sure to check out the channel often!  https://vimeo.com/channels/privatelife

Also if you haven’t already check please “like us” on Facebook as well for photos and more updates: https://www.facebook.com/privatelifemovie

We are excited to bring this film to life and reach an ever expanding audience.  Please feel free to share our site, our video and our Facebook with your friends and family!